Spring MVC Form Tags

Hey guys in this post, you will learn about Spring MVC form tags and the advantages of using Spring MVC form tags.

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  • We all know that forms are used to get the input from end user
  • Spring MVC provides great support for forms
  • Spring MVC form tags are the building block of web page
  • Spring MVC form tags are easy to use and configurable
  • Spring MVC form tags can make use of the data binding
  • Automatically set the data and get the data from java object

Spring MVC form tags

Spring MVC provided special tag library to provide the support for forms. We need to reference the namespace at the top of the JSP file to make use of the Spring MVC form tags

<%@taglib prefix="form" uri="http://www.springframework.org/tags/form"%>

Using the above tag library we can generate the HTML form and it will automatically bind the values to the java object

Form tag Description
<form:form> Main form container
<form:text> textbox
<form:input> input type
<form:textarea> text area
<form:checkbox> checkbox
<form:radio> radio buttons
<form:select> dropdown list

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