//Creating MVC Database Web Application in JSP and Servlets – [Create, Read, Update, Delete]

Creating MVC Database Web Application in JSP and Servlets – [Create, Read, Update, Delete]

Hello guys, Bushan here, welcome to B2 Tech. In this article, we will be Creating fully fledged MVC database web application using JSP and Servlets, we are going to perform basic database operations Create, Read, Update and Delete.

So, we are creating an Employee Directory Web Application which keeps track of each employee details such as Name, Date of birth, Department and it should have the following features

  • List Employee
  • Add a new Employee
  • Update an Employee
  • Delete an Employee

The below big picture is the architecture of the Employee Directory Web Application

Step 1: Browser sends a request to EmployeeController, it will process that request, if any additional data is required, it will redirect it to EmployeeDAO

Step 2: EmployeeDAO, its responsibility is to interact with a database like querying to the database, adding a records etc.., It takes the database connection from a helper class DBConnectionUtil and talk to the database for additional data, and send the data back to EmployeeController

Step 3: EmployeeController will write that data to a respective JSP

Step 4: JSP will organize the data and send the JSP back to the Browser

So now let’s jump into developing an application, before that a quick look at the project structure











Alright, that’s it for this post, i hope this post is helped you in someway or the other way, if it did then please share this with your friends, colleague and someone who is looking for this. You can also find the fully working project in my github repository @

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