Spring Boot Masterclass – Setup the MySQL database 02

Hello in this post, we will set up the MySQL database and we configure the data source in the spring boot project. let’s begin.

Create a MySQL database,

Execute the query to create the expense table,

Next, configure the data source in the spring boot project. Add the following code inside the application.properties file


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  • Hi Bushan,
    I started to work on an Angular 8/Spring boot project you shared on YouTube and found out later that those videos are no more there. Shall we expect that you share them again?

    Thank you.

    • Hello,

      I am really sorry! I removed those videos as i was working for same project in my organization, they saw those videos and told me to remove as they violates the company policy. So i removed them! I will re-create those videos may be the future. But for now you can watch my other course Spring Boot Masterclass 🙂 Let me know if you need anything else.

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