Top 4 Websites to Learn Web Development in 2018

Hello everyone, learning Web Development in 2018 is like boosting our career, because web development is growing day by day and there are so many popular web frameworks available out there, and to learn all these web technologies, first we need the learn basics/building blocks of Web development i.e., HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So today in this article let’s find out the Top 4 Websites to Learn Web Development in 2018.

1. W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the most popular websites for learning Web Development, if you are a beginner, want to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript then this is the best website, not only this you can find almost all the web technologies on this website, PHP, XML, Angular, JSON, Bootstrap, jQuery and many more.

It has tons and tons of coding examples and it also has a feature, Try it Yourself, where you can write the code and run it, test it, right from the browser, which is a great thing.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy or often it is called as Code Academy, is also one of the best websites for Web Development especially for JavaScript and PHP.

It is not a website like W3Schools where you can find tons and tons of examples, instead, you can find each example as a challenge where they will give the instructions about the example, and we have to follow the instructions and complete the challenge, which is a great thing. This is the best way to learn web development, where we get a complete hands-on experience in building an application. If you stuck in the middle, of course, there is an option called Hint where you can find the solution or you can head over to the discussion section, and you can find the solution.

When the website is launched everything was free but now they have moved to a Paid subscription, I don’t recommend you to go for the paid version, you can learn most of the things in free version only. Not only Javascript and PHP, it offers so many languages as well.

3. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is also one of the best website and my favorite for learning web development, this website is completely free there is no paid subscription like code academy.

This website is similar to Code Academy, where you can find each example as a challenge where they will give the instructions, and we have to complete the challenge to unlock the next section, by far this is the best way to learn web development.

The best part of this website is, it covers almost all the web technologies like jquery, bootstrap, JSON, API, Ajax, react.js, object-oriented and many more.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most Popular YouTube channels for education, he also owns a website Khanacademy. if you want to learn the advanced concepts in Javascript like building games, animations or drawing then this is the perfect website. It also has a built-in code editor where you can write the code, test it right from the browser. Overall Khan Academy is one of the best websites for learning advanced concepts in javascript.

To summit it up, all these websites are good for learning web development in 2018. That’s it for this article, I hope this article is helped you in one or the other way if you like the content share with your friends and I will see you in the next article.

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