Create spring boot project using Spring initializr

Hey guys in this post, we will disucss how to create spring boot project using spring initializr. There are different ways to create spring boot project, Spring initializr is just one of the way to create spring boot project.

Checkout creating spring boot project using STS IDE

Open Spring initializr

Open the web browser and enter the URL this will open the online tool to create spring boot project.

make sure to enter the following details


  • Project – Maven project
  • Language – Java
  • Spring boot – 2.4.2
  • Project Metadata
    • Group – in.bushansirgur
    • Artifact – demoproject
    • Name – demo-project
    • Description – Demo project for spring boot
    • Package name – in.bushansirgur.demoproject
    • Packaging – Jar
    • Java – 8
  • Dependencies
    1. Spring Web
    2. Spring boot devtools

Once enter all the details click on the generate button, this will download the spring boot project in zip file. Extract the zip file and open it in your favorite IDE

spring initializr

Open the project in IDE

Now open the project in IDE, and update the project, that will download all the maven dependencies.

update maven project

Run the project

Once update the project, we can run the project by clicking on the run button available in the toolbar at the top

run spring boot projectThat’s all for this post. If you like this post, share this with your friends, colleagues and share it across your social media.

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