Spring MVC Architecture diagram with Explanation

Hey guys in this post, you will learn about Spring MVC and its architectural diagram with flow diagram.

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What is Spring MVC?

  • Spring MVC is a framework for building web applications in Java
  • It is based on the Model-View-Control design pattern
  • It leverages features of the core Spring framework such as Inversion of control and dependency injection


Below is the architectural flow diagram of Spring MVC


  • Browser sends a request to the server. Server takes that request, process it and send it to the Front controller
  • Front controller is a Dispatcher Servlet, its the job is the send the request to the appropriate controller
  • Controller code is the one written by developers, which contains the business logic
  • Controller will then prepare the model and send it to the Front controller for further processing
  • Front controller then send that model to the view template, which is contains the HTML code and data which needs to be displayed in the web page.


  • Controller classes are created by developers
  • Contains business logic and it handles the request
  • It store and retrieve the data from database and other services
  • It will write the data to the model
  • It will send the data to the appropriate view template


  • Model is just a java object contains the data
  • It will help us the store and retrieve the data from database or web service

View Template

  • Spring MVC is flexible, it supports many view templates
  • Most commonly used view templates are JSP and Thymeleaf
  • Developer creates the view template to display the data present in Model

Spring MVC Benifits

  • It is the best way of building web applications in Java
  • It leverages a set of reusable UI components
  • It will help us to manage application state for web requests
  • It process the form data by validating, converting etc,
  • It is very flexible to configure the view layer with other view templates.

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