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Hello guys, Bushan here, Welcome back to B2 Tech. If we are creating any kind of web application and having a form in the web application is very very common. In such applications, validating a form fields plays a major role, we can validate the form fields in two ways, one is client-side and another one is the server-side. Today in this article, let’s discuss the client-side validation using jQuery validator.

First thing first, In order to work with jQuery validator first we need jQuery core library because the jQuery validator is dependent on jQuery. So first let’s include jQuery core library CDN just before closing the </body> tag.
after the jQuery core library, include the jQuery validator CDN
If you are using bootstrap then include the bootstrap core library CDN
then finally include our customized js file which holds the jQuery validation
Make sure to include bootstrap core css file in the <head> section if you are using bootstrap
jQuery validate function takes two properties, one is rules and another one is messages, inside the rules we will specify the form/input elements name and respective validation like required. In the messages, respective error messages will specify.

Find the complete source code below



That’s it now open the register.html click the submit button without entering anything, it will display the error messages.

Below is the quick demo of the example

You can download the example from the below links,

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